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ShippinG & Postage

Postage fee

  • Local Mail in Hong Kong – Free shipping for orders with delivery address in Hong Kong.

  • Overseas Mail – For orders with delivery address outside Hong Kong, please contact us at for more details on the overseas delivery fee.


Warm Reminders

  • We will try to ensure safe and secure packaging in order to protect any fragile objects, however, customers have to bear the risk of any damage or loss of goods during the delivery process.

  • Customer should bear the losses caused by local/overseas mail, and Bulbble Inc. Limited would not bear any responsibility for the loss.

  • If the mail/ parcel is too large to put in the mailbox, the recipient will receive a note from the post office, asking them to pick up the mail/ parcel at the post office nearby.

  • For overseas delivery, customer will be responsible for any customs fees, taxes and other expenses incurred.

*All rights reserved by Bulbble Inc. Limited. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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